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You are welcome to download my presentations for your own personal use (unpack the zip files and double click the html file and it should open up in a local browser window for you).

If you are going to download then please consider making a donation to the Aberdeen Children’s Hospital through the aptly named ARCHIE Foundation - you can click on this link or the icon to get to my JustGiving page.

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0. Introduction - Basic ConceptsDOWNLOADS_files/
1. Measurements - LithologyDOWNLOADS_files/
2. Measurements - PorosityDOWNLOADS_files/
3. Measurements - FluidDOWNLOADS_files/
4. Measurements - PressureDOWNLOADS_files/
5. Measurements - PermeabilityDOWNLOADS_files/
6. Measurements - NMRDOWNLOADS_files/
7. ConclusionsDOWNLOADS_files/

Petrophysics for Dummies

24 January 2010

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Now that this stuff is leaving my website I guess I should make a few of the usual caveats:

  1. 1)You may download this material for your own non-commercial use, and you may share it with students or colleagues as part of  general educational activity, giving me appropriate acknowledgement and a link back to this website.   However,  if you should make any money out of this material I would expect the ARCHIE Foundation to benefit more substantially from you!

  2. 2)I make best efforts to ensure these presentations are accurate and correct but they do involve varying degrees of engineering judgement and interpretation - which really means plus or minus a bit of right and wrong!  My main aim is to stimulate thought and alternative ways of understanding - I cannot accept responsibility for any errors that arise from the use of this material.

The Small Print

Permeability: from Cap-Curve to FLowrate

8 February 2010

1. Introduction - Capillary PressureDOWNLOADS_files/
2. Field ExampleDOWNLOADS_files/

Pickett PLOT Essentials: The Graphical Archie SoLution

14 March 2010

1. Pickett Plot Essentials - ALLDOWNLOADS_files/

18 April 2010

1. Introduction - Concepts & IssuesDOWNLOADS_files/
2. Magnus Field ExampleDOWNLOADS_files/

Residual Oil:

Logging Behind The Flood Front

3. Follow-up DTI ReferenceDOWNLOADS_files/DTI_IOR_Paper_Long_Term_Temperature_Changes_from_Injection_of_Sea_Water_2004.pdf
1. MethodologyDOWNLOADS_files/
2. Applications IDOWNLOADS_files/
3. Applications IIDOWNLOADS_files/




21 August 2010

PETROPHYSICS:  More Important Than Ever

17 April 2011

1. Petrophysics: More Important Than Ever - ALLDOWNLOADS_files/
1. Conglomerator: The Trouble With Rocks - ALLDOWNLOADS_files/

Conglomerator:  The Trouble  WITH ROCKS

3 July 2011